States Visited

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Anonymous said...

Dear Steven (aka Yankee Traitor),

You are one sick son of a b....

I always knew you were not like me, but after seeing this blog stuff, you are not like anybody I know.

You need to unbutton that top button and loosen that tie, because the blood flow to your cranium has stopped.


Your Crimson Tide fanatic in Gardendale

Steven said...

Hahaha! No doubt! (Except for that whole Yankee business. I'm still below the Mason-Dixon line!)

redfish321 said...

Don't bet on the Mason Dixon to save you. "Southern" is no longer strictly geographical. I live much further to the south than either of you and I am definitely in the "North".

Brandon said...

Anybody who lives in a town where they would pre-empt a football game to have a parade for a guy in a speedo does NOT live in the south.

Steven said...


I'm still pissed off over that and its been at least three weeks. My first thought was, "If this happened in Alabama someone would burn down the CBS affiliate."

My second thought was, "Nobody would be stupid enough to do this in Alabama for anything short of a bona fide national emergency."