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Thursday, February 5, 2009


While I certainly do not agree with everything in the articles, the fact that these two stories were on the front page of CNN is a strong indicator of just how prevalent these ideas have become. CNN, by no stretch of the imagination, can be tabbed as 'right-leaning' or libertarian.

'Cause when Foxnews says it, well, its like this here, see...

BTW - just for perspective:

The 'crimulus' package now being debated in Washington is coming in at around $900 billion. How much money is that?
If on the day Jesus was born you started spending $1,000,000 a day and never stopped, as of this morning you still wouldn't have spent $900 billion.

If you started spending $1,000,000 a day, every day, beginning on the day the Great Pyramid in Giza was completed you still wouldn't have matched the two stimulus packages combined.

Our generation is currently on the hook for about $50 trillion dollars. At $1,000,000 a day, it would take 137,000 years to spend that much money. According to wikipedia, anatomically modern humans appear in the fossil records about 130,000 years ago.

Clearly, the folks in Washington have it under control and know exactly what they are doing. Clearly.


Raven said...

I sense some sarcasm in that last statement! :)


redfish321 said...

Sorry, but I kept expecting Glenn Beck to let out a lisping scream of “INCONCEAVABLE”