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Saturday, January 17, 2009

A follow-up on Adolpf

The hearing that was supposed to occur Thursday has been postponed. I'm starting to smell a rat. I've read a couple of articles where Constitutional lawyers have been interviewed about the parental right to name a child and it seems that its never really been pushed.

My guess is that the state of New Jersey is trying their best to build a case either by digging through ever conceivable regulation looking for a violation that would allow them to take the children for a reason other than their names or by building a team of experts willing to take the stand and tell a judge that naming a child Adolf Hitler constitutes child abuse.

As further proof of the stupidity of the parents (which is not against the law, just worth pointing out) - was showing a picture of a swastika on the hand of the father. That in itself indicates a certain level of stupidity, but in this case the father has outdone himself. It is drawn incorrectly! The Nazi version has the cross bent to the right, his is to the left. Now that's rich. Moron.


redfish321 said...

The symbol on his hand is an American Indian symbol called "Whirling Logs". It is an ancient symbol from many North American cultures and depicts the cyclic motion of life, seasons and the four winds. Taken from the image of a tree in a whirlwind, this image is found in Navajo sand paintings frequently. It is considered powerful medicine.

My hope is that who ever actually tattooed this man’s hand had a good joke at his expense.

Steven Rodgers

I actually remember reading somewhere that the 'swastika' was not a Nazi invention, they just took it and used it.

I can't agree more - it would make my whole January to find out that the tattoo artist put one over on that dude!