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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Too funny...

January 14, 2009

Security State in DCPosted by Kathryn Muratore at January 14, 2009 07:45 AM

"Bush declared a state of emergency in Washington, DC. The large crowds that are expected at the innauguration (down to about 2 million from the earlier estimates of 5 million) have prompted Mayor Fenty to claim that he will not have enough money for security. He expects to spend about $75 million, also known as $32.50 per attendee."

"Welcome to the innauguration of the "leader of the free world." You may only enter the city through these designated roads and transit systems. You will only have access to the inauguration after passing through a security checkpoint, where you will be treated with suspicion. There will be thousands of armed men surrounding you at the ceremony and parade. But, hey, that's the price of freedom!"

BTW - I saw an article yesterday that says there will be 5,000 port-a-potties for the expected crowd of +2 million with 4,000-5,000 National Guard troops to help with "line control." And here are some helpful hints from the Inauguration website:

The US Secret Service, Metropolitan Police Department, US Capitol Police, and other local and federal agencies are providing an unprecedented level of security for the Inauguration.
All parade and event attendees are subject to a thorough security screening before entering any of the Inaugural event sites. Please allow for additional time for this security screening.
(Gee, ya think?)

And here are some of the items (I left off the obvious, such as guns) that are prohibited:

large bags
duffle bags
thermoses, thermal or glass containers
bags exceeding size restrictions (8”x6”x4”)

So, with temperatures in the upper twenties/low thirties, extremely long waits for security, and only 5,000 port-a-potties to service a couple million people for most of the day, you can only take what you can carry (assuming it isn't prohibited) and pray it doesn't rain. Sounds like a good time to me...

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