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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This is going to be hilarious...

I cannot wait to see how the various levels of government and the insane "war on drugs" tackle this one -

I read this morning where people have started to freebase caffeine. Yeah, you read that correctly. Extract the caffeine from coffee (or various energy pills) and smoke it like crack or meth. From what I can find it produces some sort of actual 'high' and is not just a super-strong caffeine buzz. Two ingredients: coffee & ammonia.

I would sincerely hope that anyone reading this would have the good sense not to try it, as I don't have any idea of 1) the 'high' it produces or 2) the (potentially deadly) side effects. Why anyone would think this a good idea is beyond me. The point is not that it should be done, but that it can be done. Are we looking at coffee and ammonia becoming controlled substances? Will there be a black market established for some really good!? How long before some politician decides he wants to make a name for himself by going after caffeine smokers and there is some government agency established? Is it going to become a crime to have coffee and ammonia in your home? This is absurd.

I am about as 'out of the loop' as you can get when it comes to recreation drug use, so maybe this has been around a while. But I don't think so. I did about five minutes of digging on it and there's just not much on the Internet right now. I did, however, come across other 'articles' discussing the extraction of all sorts of things that can be used in a similar fashion - most of which you can buy at every grocery and convenience store in the country.

My guess is the government will go after the ammonia (which they have apparently already done), but in about five seconds I found an article explaining how to make ammonia. I guess the two ingredients of ammonia will then become controlled substances: nitrogen, the most abundant element in our atmosphere and hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe. Yeah, that sounds about right.


redfish321 said...

Hey Buddy. Want to buy a cappuccino?

Which came first, the druggy or the drug? I think that what you have stumbled upon is evidence to help answer this age old question. Substance abuse is not about the substance, just ask any alcoholic. Beer, wine, whiskey, mouthwash, Nyquil; what ever is handy. It is about the abuse. Any substance will do.

I think this article shows us that no matter what (or how many) substances the government chooses to regulate, the abusive personality will always find something. The Fed needs to find a different approach to this very old problem unless they wish to create an ever increasing list of “banned” substances.

By the way, I will beat anyone I catch wasting good coffee for a cheap high.

Steven Rodgers

Forget the cappuccino, give me the espresso roast!

I couldn't care less if the government legalized drugs, it isn't their legal status that functions as my deterrent. I just love to see the government and politicians trapped by their own illogical thought.