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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Has President Bush already left office?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I’ve always been pretty quick to give President Bush a pass for most of the mess in Iraq for a variety of reasons. I’m not saying there hasn’t been some really stupid mistakes, just that, well, sometimes shit happens.

The current economic situation has forced me to rethink everything when it comes to this man. Again, there is a lot of stuff happening that was beyond his control and goes back several administrations. I find it hard to blame a current President for the mistakes of his predecessors. However, when the current President makes remarks like he did this morning, I have to question the man’s mental faculties:

"...I want to thank you, Mr. Secretary, for working over the weekend. You’ve shown the country and the world that the United States is on top of the situation."

"Secondly, you reaffirmed the fact that our financial institutions are strong and that our capital markets are functioning efficiently and effectively."

I could, literally, write volumes on the stupidity of those sentences. These two statements, made within seconds of each other, leave only two possible alternatives: 1) the man and his advisers do not have the first clue what is going on or 2) they know and they are lying because they are scared outof their minds. I’m not sure which scares me most.

It is amazing that in this day and time, in the world of instant news and global Internet, that 300 million Americans have no clue how dangerously close we are to an economic collapse that would make the Great Depression look like a frat party.

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