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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Playing in the blogosphere

Friday, October 24, 2008

I was playing on the blogs this morning and I came across Scott Adams' blog - he's the creator of the Dilbert comic.

Here is his entire latest post -

I plan to start hoarding supplies soon. There should be some big riots after the election. Here's a sequence of events and conditions that would lead to rioting. Do you see anything on the list that isn't likely?

The economy stays bad for a another month

Obama has a clear lead in the polls before election dayMcCain wins anyway. While the real reason for the polling discrepancy will be racism, there will be a widespread belief that the election was rigged. And there will be plenty of real and imagined evidence that it was.

Riots will break out, partly out of genuine anger, partly to get that new flat screen TV.

We know the country can get past one suspicious Presidential election, because it did exactly that with Gore versus Bush. But two in a row would turn even normal citizens into conspiracy theorists. Given the anxiety over the economy, concerns about abortion rights, and the continuing wars, you have a perfect storm for revolution.

Interestingly, the only person who could stop the riots would be Obama himself.

Other than how stupid the Obama campaign would look for having spent several million dollars renting a HUGE facility for their victory party, I really haven't given any thought to how the country might react to a McCain win. Now that I think about is scary. Especially when a McCain win would, in all likelihood, mean that Obama wins big in the popular vote but lost the electoral vote. I have visions of the Rodney King riots bouncing through my head, except all over the country and not just in L.A.

I think this is unlikely because there are just too many electoral votes leaning towards Obama right now...but, unlike an opinion poll, you don't have to answer to anyone once you step in the voting booth.

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