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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Random thoughts

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Neal Boortz posed it first but I thought it was worth repeating - Can anyone name a more inexperienced Presidential candidate in American history than Barack Obama?

Conversely, if your only job experience is serving as a political leader, is that an experience worth bragging about?

Am I the only one that finds it somewhat fishy that Al Gore is the chairman of an investment firm that only invests in 'green companies' and that their latest investment is in a company that develops greenhouse gas emission reduction projects? Al Gore stands to get filthy rich (even more than he already is) off of the 'greening' of the world. Isn't there a conflict of interest for an activist to be running around the world demanding that governments change their policies while those changes put money in the activist's pockets? Why are those who called Bush unethical for his meetings with oil company CEOs silent on this?

If a politician was truly running for office on things he or she believes would he or she need pollsters, publicists, and focus groups to determine their message?

Am I the only one that finds it odd that the only (or so it seems) sin not punishable by death in the Muslim world is the murder of innocent people?

If you have bad memories of taking the SAT or ACT test in preparing to go to college quit whining - they are a walk in the park compared to the test kids in China have to take. they call it the gaokao - a two-full-day exam on everything you've learned since kindergarten and its only given once a year. Run a google search. There is a reason they dominate when they come to our colleges and universities.

Is there any part of our lives in which a government is not involved?

Paraphrasing Thomas Sowell - "John McCain could never convice me to vote for him. Only Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama can do that."

Guys who love golf should spend less time watching the PGA TOUR and more time watching the LPGA tour. Their games (particularly distances) are more similar with the bonus that they are easier on the eyes.

You can't drive a car without passing a test. You can't be a doctor without passing a test. You can't be a nurse without passing a test. You can't work for the post office without passing a test. The tests are there to insure that a person has some minimum level of competency in a subject before they are allowed to use that knowledge to affect the lives of others. Shouldn't you be required to show some minimum level of understanding before being allowed to vote in federal elections, the outcome of which can affect the lives of millions?

How can you be a member of a church for twenty years and disagree with the message being taught by the preacher? Can you imagine hearing a man that has been in the KKK for twenty years saying he never really believed in the message or realized its full content - and BELIEVING him? There are really only two alternatives: either Obama attended a church that preached a message in which he did not believe only for political gain or he believes in the message but lies and says he doesn't so he can get elected. BOTH alternatives indicate a man willing to turn his back on what he believes for political gain.

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