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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My vote...a follow up.

Not that I need someone with a PhD to validate my analysis, but apparently I won't be the only person not voting...

Good read.

McMussolini or ObaMarx?


Brandon said...

Have you ever heard of Godwin's Law? McCain may be many things and he may not be at all good for this country, but I think it is absurd to call him a Nazi. It is lazy argumentation and a ridiculous comparison. Haven't we heard enough of the left calling everyone on the right Nazis?

Steven said...

Uhm, I didn't call him a Nazi. I'm pretty certain I've never called anyone a Nazi (with an exception for the 'Soup Nazi'!) that wasn't actually in uniform with Hitler. That word has become so perverted in its meaning (mostly because so few people have any idea what it really meant) that I rarely use it. Fascism is only slightly better in that regard.

The column to which I linked does make brief mention that his policies are similar to those of the German fascists and the opening line mentions national socialism, but that is very different than calling him a Nazi.

From wikipedia - National Socialism typically refers to ideologies that promote uniting the working class of a specific ethnic, national, or racial lines into a proletarian [middle class - Steven] nation [1] while opposing capitalism, communism, conservatism, international socialism, liberalism and nations, ethnicities or other groups that are deemed to be repressive of national socialism.

Is there any part of that definition that doesn't fit the McCain-Palin platform?

Hitler took that 'working definition' of national socialism and perverted it to mean all kinds of things. He did the same things with the bible. I will state categorically - John McCain is NOT a Nazi but his policies are national socialist in spirit. As I mentioned above, I take great care in not throwing that word around.

I don't want to spit out an entire essay on what constitutes fascism, national socialism, communism, capitalism or any of the other hybrid -isms that fall somewhere in between, but one thing is absolutely clear - John McCain does not believe in free market capitalism.

Brandon said...

I know you didn't call him a Nazi and didn't mean to suggest that you did--I know you are careful in your characterizations...but the author, I think, was nearly so careful. The Nazi party in Germany was the national socialist party. Perhaps I am misreading this column, but I see little to suggest the author makes the same subtle distinction that you do. He says that McCain is a national socialist and then spends 2 paragraphs talking about German fascism.

He points to the bailout plan, which I agree was a horrible idea and then he briefly and without amplification mentions imperialism. That is the whole of his argument, which leads me back to my original him a Nazi, or if you prefer, a national socialist, and move on to spend the next 8 paragraphs picking apart Obama. Lazy argumentation.

There is certainly a case to be made against McCain, but this guy didn't make it.